Calendar Improvement Plugin

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Calendar improvement plugin 


Calendar Improvement Plugin

 This OrangeHRM module will add a calendar view for the Leave List section in the HRM. The authorized users can view the leaves of their subordinates in a calendar like interface where they can quickly view who all are taking leaves today / in this week / in this month. They can quickly approve or cancel leaves from the calendar interface itself. The plugin provides Admin a bird's eye view of the pending and approved leaves in the entire organization. 

The leave calendar module for OrangeHRM provides filters for filtering leaves on the basis of employee, leave status, date range, Unit etc. The calendar view has quick "Previous" and "Next" buttons to switch to next or previous period which was selected.

Similarly each employees can view all his leave requests in a calendar interface in the OrangeHRM. They have been provided three views - Today, Week & Month where they can see which leaves have been approved by their manager and which are still pending.

(Version supported 3.1.x, 3.2.x, 3.3.3)

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