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This extension enables import/export of CMS sections(Pages/Static Blocks) from one magento to another.

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Medma Export/Import CMS Contents

This extension automates the process of creating CMS pages & Static blocks from stage to live server.


As a Magento developer, when working with Static Block & CMS Content, we often follow this process:

  • Make Static Blocks & CMS Pages on development server.
  • Ask for client approval.
  • Make them all over again for Live site

As this CMS content grows, this process becomes time consuming, somewhat boring, if you are a developer.
So we wrote this little extension, to import/export CMS content(Static blocks & CMS Pages).

For us, it proved a nice utility tool, Now, we can simply export CMS content from our development server & simply import it on Live. We are pretty sure that it will prove helpful to many Magento Developers out there as well as Merchants.


1. No core file changed.
2. Export CMS Pages
3. Export CMS Static Blocks
4. Import CMS Pages
5. Import CMS Static Blocks

Supported Features:

1. Works on Magento 1.6 and above


    • Purchase and download the extension zip file from "My Downloadable Products" page of your account at our website.
    • Login to your website as admin and navigate to “System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager”.
    • Choose the downloaded extension zip file and click on “Upload” button, under “Direct package file upload” section.
    • After completion of installation logout and login again as admin.

Further Instructions:

In case you receive exception
"System has same page_id/block_id but different identifier for page/block column in your csv. Overwrite avoided."
This exception is inserted knowingly to avoid accidental overwrite of any existing CMS content due to CMS import. To avoid this exception, check below:

Old Magento => Magento from which you exported the CSV.
New Magento => Magento to which you wish to import the CSV.
page_id => extension uses this value to update existing CMS pages.
block_id => extension uses this value to update existing CMS blocks.

1. Export CSV from old magento.
2. Remove all values from page_id column.
3. Go to CMS page/block grid in your new magento(CMS -> Pages OR CMS -> Blocks). There you'll be able to see page_id/block_id values of existing pages/blocks of your new magento.
4. Check your csv, in case it has any row with the information of an page/block that already exists in new magento.
5. Make sure you fill in the correct page_id value in the CSV from new magento.
6. Import CSV

Make sure you do a full export so that you have a back-up of the content before any import.

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