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This extension disables the default Customer registration in your Magento store.

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Medma Disable Customer Registration For Magento

The extension disables the functionality of customer registration in store. Admin can anytime disable the registration of new customers from his Admin area. Once customer registration has been disabled, the registration form for new customers will not be visible at the store. The customer will not be able to register on the webstore by even using direct link of the registration page. It is very useful in cases where the Admin wants the customers to shop on his website without creating an account or want them to stop by using Guest checkout only.

Also, this extension can be used in cases where the Admin wants new customers to register on his shop but need to get Admin approval first, in order to shop. This can be achieved by enabling manual approval from Admin area. If manual approval of customer account is enabled then the Admin will get notification of every new customer registration through email. The customer will also get the notification when Admin manually activates his account. So, if manual activation is enabled then the customer will not be able to login and shop until his account is activated by the Admin manually.

Disable Registration

With this extension you can stop customer registration in your store. No customers will be able to create account by signing up through default registration form in Magento. The form is hidden and can not be accessed even from the direct link.

Force Guest Checkout

You can force Guest checkout in your store. Sometimes you do not want your customers to register first for shopping in your store.

Manually Approve Accounts

You, as and Admin, can manually approve all the customers who registers on your webstore. So, if you do not want anyone to register and start shopping in your store without your approval, then you can easily do this with this Magento extension.

New Registration Alert

If you have configured manual approval of customer accounts, then you will get email alerts whenever someone registers in your website.

Approval Alert

If you are manually approving customer accounts, then your customers will get email alerts whenever you approve their account.

Existing Customers Login

This extension will not have any affect on existing customer accounts in your store. That means your existing customers will continue to login and shop without any problem.

Add Customers Accounts

Even after installing disable customer registration extension, Admin can easily add new customer accounts from his Admin area.

Supports Multi Stores

Disable customer registration extension supports multiple stores in your Magento shop.

Supports M2

Disable Customer registration extension is fully supported on both the platforms - Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x.

Awesome Support

You get awesome support from us if you buy this extension at our store.


    • No core file changed.
    • Admin can disable customer registration form.
    • Admin can change settings differently on multiple store websites.
    • Customers can not access direct url for account creation in Magento store.
    • If social login/signup is enabled, disabling registration should also stop social sign up.
    • Admin can get notifications of every new customer registration through email.
    • Activate new customer accounts manually that means new customers can login after approval/activation by the Admin.
    • If approval is needed by Admin then, forbid ‘Log in’ and ‘Check out’ actions for non-activated users.
    • Notify customers when their account gets activated.
    • This extension will not affect the below functionality:
      1. Admin will always be able to register new customers from the Magento Admin area.
      2. Existing customers will always be able to log in, shop and checkout in the store.


        • Purchase and download the extension zip file from "My Downloadable Products" page of your account at our website.
        • Login to your website as admin and navigate to “System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager”.
        • Choose the downloaded extension zip file and click on “Upload” button, under “Direct package file upload” section.
        • After completion of installation logout and login again as admin.
        • Navigation to System -> Configuration -> Customer Registration-> Admin Control to enable extension for any store you need

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