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The Extension automates the process of Shipping, generating tracking numbers and creating shipping labels.

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Medma AutoShip Tracking

The extension works upon creating the complete shipment process automated. The shipment process includes creating a package, creating a shipping label and fetching the tracking number from the preferred shipping method. The intention behind creating this extension is to make the complete shipping process automated by cron job.

Work Flow:

The initial process of placing the order from the front-end remains the same. The working of the extension will be seen at the admin section. The order once placed in the admin section is marked as "Pending" till the time the shipment is carried out.

It is after the shipment has been created that the shipment is marked as "Processing". The Auto Ship Track extension fetch the Orders which are marked as "Pending". The extension gets inside the order details of every particular "Pending" order and creates a package of the products added in the list. If the customer who has placed this order has selected either FedEx or UPS, then the extension will create a shipping label and also get the tracking number from FedEx or UPS.

The extension will first create a package of the products in the order and create shipping labels and fetch the tracking number and then carry out the shipment. The tracking number from the shipping service providers will be used for tracking the status of the shipment.


1. No core files changed.
2. Compatibile with: 1.6.1 and above.
3. Orders will be automatically Shipped after every 12 hours.
4. Automated Shipment is carried out for the orders placed using Fedex and UPS Shipping Methods.
5. Tracking Numbers are generated during automation of the process.
6. Shipping Labels are created during the automation of the process.
7. If user checks out as a guest and then creates an account, keeping the same e-mail IDs, afterwards their previous orders and tracking information should automatically populate in my order section of website.


1. Install Extension Using Magento Connect
2. Log out from admin and log in admin again.
3. Navigate to System -> Configuration -> AutoShipTrack -> Enable the extension
4. Then enter an username with administrator rights in Admin Username field, this user information will be used while creating Shipping Labels.
5. If Shipping Settings – Origin and General – Store Information are empty then please fill up the required fields.

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