Mobile App Builder

Robust extension to create Mobile app for your E-commerce store easily!

Brand Your App

Establish your brand image by displaying your own company logo in splash screen of the mobile app.

MageMo App helped me in sharing love with my customers by giving them exciting coupon codes in their mobile app and let them grab the best deals within no time.

Elias Siiri

Real-time Data Synchronization

Your mobile app will sync data from your Magento store in real-time. Any changes made in Product Categories, Catalog, Orders and Customer Profile are reflected immediately in your mobile app.

Multiple Product Types

MageMo supports multiple product types - simple product, simple product with custom option and configurable products. Currently virtual products are not supported.

Intuitive Product Display

MageMo provides intuitive interface to your customers. Products can be viewed in lists or grids, can be searched & sorted, can be filtered based on prices, latest products can be viewed etc.

How it works ?

  1. Install MageMo Magento extension
  2. Configure look & feel of your mobile app
  3. Attach app icon, description, banner to publish in iPhone & Android stores

Guest Browsing Supported

Anyone can simply download the app and explore your shopping store without creating an account on your store. If they finally wish to purchase the product they can create the account at the checkout page and download the product.

Multiple Payment Options

MageMo currently supports collecting payments via PayPal, COD, Check or Money order options. You can set these options easily from your store.

Customize Mobile App

Customize your mobile app as per your requirements. Change app theme colors to match your logo or web store theme. Your mobile app will represent your brand and image.

MagMo App is Fully Featured. Intutive Product Display and Multi- product type support results in a superb shopping experience. Easy to setup and manage from the admin side.

Kateřin Matěj

Omni Channel Experience

Provide seamless omni-channel experience to your customers. Users can update settings, change address, edit profile, change password, add reviews, add products to wishlist - all from mobile app too.

Branding the App by displaying my own Company’s Logo in splash screen make our app stand out from the crowd leaving a brilliant user experience for our customers.

Kristýna Filip

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get mobile apps for both the platforms - Android & iOS?

Yes, you will get mobile apps for Android & iOS both with the MageMo mobile app builder for Magento.

Will I get the source code of the mobile apps?

Yes, you will get the source code for both the mobile apps. Please select the option "Source code" while buying this extension.

Can I customize the look & feel of my mobile apps?

Yes, you can customize the app by selecting your own colors for elements & buttons in the app. Also, you can display your own logo in splash screen of the app.

Can you help in publishing my apps in Google and iOS store?

Yes, we can publish both the Android and iOS app in their respective stores. Please select options "Google Play Store" and "Apple Store" while buying MageMo extension.

Provide Customer Support

Offer first level of customer support within your mobile app. You can add Frequently Asked Questions, About us and Contact us sections to help customers while they are shopping.

Add Shop Banners

Engage your customers by showing promotional banner in your mobile app. You can add more than one banners for your shop which you can edit anytime to reflect latest products or offers.

MageMo App is a powerful tool to engage your audience. The ability of this app to support on Android and Ios platform is again a way to attract sales.

Martin Boris

Customer Account

Customers can manage their entire account from the mobile app. They can signup, login, manage wishlists, view orders, edit addresses, update profile, transaction history etc.

Synchronization feature of MageMo helped us to maintain an unbroken connectivity between our Magento store & Mobile App. Fantastic Experience using MageMo!

Adam Woronya

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