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Magemo Extension for Magento 2 will convert your Magento store into a Mobile Application.

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MageMo Mobile App Builder

MageMo Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 will convert your Magento store into a Mobile Application. This Mobile Application helps you Login/Shop from your Mobile Devices when you don’t have your Desktops/laptops nearby you. Customer’s / Buyers can easily visit your Magento store by using the Mobile Application from anywhere anytime. This MageMo Mobile Application will make your Mobile Journey smooth, which will result in increased revenue. MageMo provides a splendid user-friendly experience and enhances customer engagement over the Mobile platform. The MageMo application is compatible with both the Mobile Apps (Android & Ios).

Exclusive Features you can only experience using this MageMo App Builder!

  • Open source and highly customizable.
  • Fully Native IOS / Android App Support.
  • All Simple & Configurable Product type Supported.
  • MageMo Static Splash screen showcase your app and Logo for a couple of second.
  • With our app builder, your application can host a wide range of secured payment Gateways.
  • MageMo provides PayPal, COD, Check or money order payment gateways options for Customers to enhance their Shopping experience.
  • MageMo Mobile Applications automatically syncs your online shopping website in real-time hassle-free.
  • Attractive Coupon Codes for Customers in your Mobile App lets them to grab the best deals within no time.
  • Custom product sliders at app homepage lets your Customers to be aware of all the exciting deals and on going offers.
  • The Theme of your Shopping App is the first point of appeal for your customer.
  • Change Magemo App color to match with your website theme or a special event anytime you want from your store.
  • Categories and Sub Categories feature lets you display all the products of the store, with their assigned categories and subcategories.
  • Magemo will display the Details of the product, Status of the product, Quantity selected and option for :-

    1. Grid View / List View : Customers can see the products in list view or grid view as per their wish and choice.
    2. Sort preference : In this the Customer can see the product by its name, position, date and price.
    3. Product Search : Product search allows the customer to find products based on particular product search.
    4. Latest Products : All the Latest products and deals will be displayed first at the Home page of your Magneto store on Magemo Application.
    5. Price Filtering : View products by applying price filter helps the customers to view products by filtering the price of the products.

  • Provides Customer an easy way to compare the products based on product reviews.
  • Special Option To Rate The App on play Store by Magemo Mobile Application helps the User to increase the demand of the product on playstore and generate revenue.

  • All In one Customer Account Menu :-

    1. Login : In this menu a registered customer can enter their Email id and password for login and to do shopping.
    2. Logout : In this the customer just have to click on logout and they will be redirected to the Login page.
    3. Sign up : In this menu new customer can make their account, all the required fields have to be filled for signing up to the store.
    4. Guest login : Guest Login for Customers helps them to explore the store without registering as a user.
    5. My Wishlist : MageMo provides you the Wishlist feature. By this customers will be able to add their favourite products to a special list called Wishlist.
    6. My profile : Manage your profile details and data directly from the Mobile Application.
    7. My Orders : My order lets the customer view its order history altogether at one place.

  • Account Settings :-

    This features menu allows the customer to update the account information details by filling up the fields like :-
    1. Change Address
    2. Edit profile
    3. Change Password

  • “Frequently Asked Questions” section helps the user to get the knowledgebase of how to operate the MageMo Mobile application.
  • Additional fields like Contact us and About us helps the Customer to Contact the Store Owner easily.

Magemo Mobile Ecommerce

Magemo Mobile Ecommerce Application is the best and the first Multi-vendor Marketplace App. that converts your Marketplace store into an E-commerce Mobile Application and let your customer to shop on your Marketplace from different platforms.

Your Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace Extension is optimized for your Mobile. You can also get a native Android / iOS app created for your marketplace very easily. With Magemo Marketplace integration, you can easily convert your Magento store into a multi-vendor marketplace and into an ecommerce mobile application, and earn revenue on every sales from multiple platforms, i.e, both from the Web and application.

Magemo Marketplace for Magento 2 comes with a list of special features that ensures that vendor sells more and customers buys the best product available on the web and the application. Experience the pleasure of having your own app with all the Marketplace features :

  • Open source and highly customisable : You can get your Mobile Application customized anytime as per your requirements and needs.
  • Vendor Registration : Vendor Registration lets your new vendors to sign up on your mobile application creating an account and get the chance to sell on your Marketplace store.
  • Vendor Search : Vendor Search feature of Magemo Application lists all the vendors on marketplace store altogether along with their Name and E-mail adressess.
  • Vendor products search : This feature let you see Vendor specific products on his profile Page. Once you apply search for any particular vendor, all products for that vendor will be listed on his profile page.
  • Vendor Profile : Vendor Profile lets you see all the vendor related information on a single page.
  • Add/Delete Vendor from your favourite list : One can add/delete vendors from their favourite list.
  • Send Message to vendor : One can send messages to respective vendors using Message vendor functionality of Magemo Application.
  • Report a product : Customers can easily report against any product using Report a product feature of Magemo Application.
  • Same Product suggestion from other vendors : One can easily see same product suggestion from other vendors. This helps customers to view and compare features price with other products.
  • Vendor's name on category page : Vendor’s name is clearly visible at the category page.

Note :- Medma Magento2 Marketplace Extension needed.

Supported Features:

  • Open source and highly customizable.
  • MageMo is compatible with both the Android & Ios Devices.
  • Compatible with Magento 2.1.x version


  • Purchase and Download the package from "My Downloadable Products" page of your account at our website.
  • Unzip the zipped package.
  • Create "Medma" directory in "app/code/" directory through ftp.
  • Create "magemo" directory in "app/code/Medma/" directory through ftp.
  • Copy all files and folders from directory “medma-magemo” to server location "app/code/Medma/Magemo".
  • Connect to your server through ssh and change to your magento installation root.


For any technical support, please click button to create ticket

Give us your valuable feedback to improve this extension, we will surely consider your feedback in the next release version of the extension.

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