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Disable Customer Registration
This extension disables the default Customer registration in your Magento store.
3rd Party Products Import
This extension imports the products from 3rd Party websites.
Medma News
This small extension adds a section for news on
the store.
Reward n Referral
This extension adds a Reward and Referral program to your existing Magento Store.
Change Shipping Method on Orders
A shipping extension that allows Admin to change the shipping method after an order has been placed.
Set BG
The extension provides a quick & easy way to set background color or image for your store.
One Click Remove Orders
This extension provides the functionality of removing all the orders on a single button click.
Videos for Product Category
Videos for Product Category
A very useful extension which provides a way to add multiple videos for Product categories in the store.
Stock Control
Stock Control
This extension provides an additional feature for updating the stock of the products.
Category Attribute
Category Attribute
This extension add an attribute in Category section in Magento Admin Panel.
Video Testimonials
Video Testimonials
Medma Video Testimonials.
Autoship Tracking
Autoship Tracking
Medma Autoship Tracking.