Medma Disable Customer Registration

The extension disables the functionality of customer registration in store. Admin can anytime disable the registration of new customers from his Admin area. Once customer registration has been disabled, the registration form for new customers will not be visible at the store. The customer will not be able to register on the webstore by even using direct link of the registration page. It is very useful in cases where the Admin wants the customers to shop on his website without creating an account or want them to stop by using Guest checkout only.

Medma Copy or Delete Custom Options on Multiple Products

A very useful extension that allows the admin to copy or delete custom options from products in the store. Whenever you want to add some custom options to multiple products, you don't need to edit each of them separately, just modify one and then copy the custom options to all of the products at once. You just need to navigate to the product, select the custom option of a product for which you want to copy and then select the products to which you want to paste the custom options. This extension provides convenience to the admin to copy the custom options to many products with just one click.

Medma MarketPlace

Medma Multi vendor Marketplace for Magento- Multi Vendor Marketplace Module will convert your Magento Store to Multi vendor Marketplace, which will have a separate vendor / seller section for their Products. It also has inbuilt reviews and feedback system. The Marketplace module in magento works upon creating the complete multi vendor market place or a multi vendor store in a single instance of magento. The extension is very easy to install as no additional setup is required.

Magento multi vendor module works very fine in community ( free ) version of magento. Marketplace extension works very fine with all LTR languages. Marketplace Module support all templates and themes including latest RWD (responsive web design). Marketplace module have an outstanding customer support from the experienced and certified magento developers. Multi-vendor marketplace module for magento has many Benefits for the store owners and big ecommerce sites having a marketplace within their store.

Medma Move Bulk Products in Multiple Categories

This extension allows admin to perform command over list of products to move/copy them to another category/subcategory in a single click.

This extension is needed for so long and a very useful extension for the merchants having same products in different categories. Very useful extension for managing catalog. Drastically reduces manual efforts and time.

Admin need to first select the list of products then choose a categories/subcategories, where he need to add or remove.

Other Extensions
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